Bad cat mom!

So, my cat almost died, I guess. I think if I hadn’t noticed Friday afternoon that he was jaundiced, or if the vet hadn’t been able to fit us in on Friday afternoon, he would have been a goner.

Vinnie was losing weight for about a month or a month and a half, which is good, because he was obese. But I guess that cats aren’t meant to have a lot of excess fat, so when big kitties lose a lot of weight in a small amount of time, their liver can’t handle the fattiness, and it fails.

I had to force feed him all weekend, and give him five medications (umm… if you have EVER tried to pill a cat, you know how hard this is). Today, I took him in to get a feeding tube put in so we can just inject the stuff until he is better. I guess that sick cats don’t want to eat, so that’s why we have to force feed him or inject through the feeding tube. The only thing I could actually get him to eat is treats, which aren’t probably good for him in the long run.

Anyway, I think he should be fine, as long as what made him stop eating in the first place isn’t cancer. Which I doubt. But I feel really bad about letting him get so far gone before I finally took him to the vet. Bad cat mom!

*Originally posted Monday, November 5, 2007


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2 Responses to Bad cat mom!

  1. How is your cat now?

    i’ve been force feeding for a month but he keeps egtting thinner and weaker….and all these meds and antibiotic! Sheesh!

    Which ones did you use and what worked for you guys?

    • straythreads says:

      I don’t remember what drugs he was prescribed… it was about three years ago. We did have to get a feeding tube put in, and feed him special food through it for a couple weeks. He’s not a good pill taker, so that was a real chore, too.

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