Classifications, Folksonomies, Ontologies, oh my!*

So I have exactly one final left in the semester, and I take it tomorrow at 4:30. I am not too nervous about it– I did really (really) well on the midterm, and I think I know the material pretty well. But this is the hardest class that I had this semester, and the final is worth 40% of my grade. If I get an A, I will probably get an A for the class. Which I would be especially proud of. So far, I’m rockin’ a pretty respectable GPA. An A in this class would be awesome, though.

All that being said, I should probably be studying right now, but I can only cram so much stuff in my head at once. I am to the point where I will go over my notes for 20 minutes, take an hour break, and then go back. Of course, I have been studying for three days straight, so I guess that’s OK. As long as I can say on the test tomorrow that an ontology is a data model that represents the concepts within a domain, and is used to reason about the entities within the domain, I am fine, right? Or that the universal facets enumerated by S.R. Ranganathan are Personality, Matter, Energy, Space and Time? Or that a facet in faceted classification is the first division of a subject discipline into homogenous and semantically cohesive categories, and that they isolate a single, exclusive perspective on an item? Or that a facet in an ontology is the value of a slot, which is the the property of a class or concept? See, I barely had to look at my notes to tell you that. And now you are probably ready to scream.

I am really looking forward to Christmas break (which, of course, officially begins after the final tomorrow!) I am going with Chuck and Buddy to Ohio to visit family. I haven’t been to Ohio for the holidays since high school. It should be fun. Plus, I get to see my new (second?) cousin Joey, and I get to see Erin pregnant, which didn’t happen last time. And Nic! And everybody else! YAY!

I suppose it is time to get back to my 20 minutes of studying. I will have tomorrow morning to go over stuff that is not completely and permanently etched in some crevice of my brain. Fantastic.

*Originally posted Sunday, December 16, 2007


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