How did I end up with so many jobs?*

I was pondering this last Saturday as I drove home from Job 2. All are part-time, and with all put together, I don’t even work full-time. But I keep wondering how this happened, exactly.

When I started school, I was supposed to work maybe 10-15 hours a week. So I got the job at Widernet (Job 3). Which I like. But when I got that job, I was already working at the Adventure Orange (Job 1) and The Yarn Shoppe (Job 2). Both of which I barely count as “work,” since i enjoy both a lot, and it’s totally different from a “normal” job. Then, last week I started working in Special Collections at the university main library (Job 4).

So, I now have four jobs and a full course load. I guess I can’t get bored at any one of them, though, since each is so different. And so far, I have been able to keep up with school work, so I guess there really is no complaining. Heh.

Oh, yeah, and I applied for an internship this summer in Cambridge, Mass. This, of course, would take the place of all four jobs for the summer.

*Originally posted Monday, February 11, 2008


About Courtney Walters

Mama. Information librarian. Food lover. Knitter. Gardener (ish).
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