It’s the Elvis glasses, isn’t it?

So the 22nd is Chuck and my first wedding anniversary. I am trying really hard to get the weekend off of work, and so far, things look pretty good. I really, really, really want to be able to spend the whole weekend with Chuck. So it would be nice if it worked out.

I am currently drawing a blank for other things to say, even though I thought blogging sounded like a good idea. I must say I am suprised at how many people have been reading my blogs lately. I have a sneaking suspision that it has something to do with the drunky-drunk picture. I really can’t see how else I might seem interesting. But thanks for the interest!

I had a really great time last week teaching everyone how to crochet. I am afraid that was the first time I attempted to teach anybody the art, so I was unsure of how to explain everything.

Blah. Bah. Bleh. I need food. And a haircut. I need food and a haircut.

*Originally posted Tuesday, October 3, 2006


About Courtney Walters

Mama. Information librarian. Food lover. Knitter. Gardener (ish).
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