New job!*

I got a new job up in Iowa City! It is at a not-for-profit organization called Widernet (if you want, you can check it out at They make digital media (think: the internet) available to areas with little or no bandwidth by getting permission to copy quality websites, and providing them on a hard drive (called the eGranary) through a LAN network.

My job is to locate and get permissions for injury prevention sites, and then create a portal in the eGranary for injury prevention. So far, it’s pretty interesting, but I am still getting situated, and learning exactly what we want to get.

But, overall, I feel really good about having a job at a non-profit, and am especially excited about that. Plus, but not my primary reasons for wanting a job at Widernet, the experience will be good, and the title of Digital Librarian will look good on my resume.

So, everybody, check it out, because it is a really great idea and organization!

*Originally posted Monday, November 5, 2007


About Courtney Walters

Mama. Information librarian. Food lover. Knitter. Gardener (ish).
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