randomness– as if you should expect anything else*

I heard on NPR one day last spring or summer that those people in their early twenties and younger are completely self-obsessed. I totally agree, to the point that one can apply such sweeping labels to entire groups of people – that is to say, not completely. But seriously, all you have to do is take a look at some of these kid’s myspace pages and you can tell that they think they are completely awesome. How many photos of yourself taking a picture of yourself do you really need in your albums? Yeah, I understand, it’s your album, and you are sharing pictures of you with your friends, but come on! And what is with that smoochy/fake-tough face that girls seem to think makes them look ironically cute? Jeebus, I’m sick of that.

So, this report said that kids nowadays are so self-involved and have such inflated feelings of self-importance because of the programs in the 80’s and 90’s that told them that they are “special” and “there is no one like” them. (I remember this stuff myself. ) In addition to this complete self-centeredness is a feeling of entitlement. Like you don’t have to earn anything. I have definitely experienced that aspect. I remember someone giving me advice when I was managing a bunch of high school and college kids – reward them right away if you can. No delayed gratification. Apparently the concept of working hard and reaping benefits later is completely alien to some people. Gah!

Part of me wonders if this inflated ego phenomenon is really a symptom of dramatic low self esteem in people.

I think that’s probably enough teen-bashing for a while. I am sooooooooo excited that it’s Thanksgiving this week. I love food. Plus, this year, it’s just me, Chuck and my dad for T-day, so we are going completely vegan!!! Minus honey, because I eat honey, because I don’t like bees. (Kidding!) Mostly, I am looking forward to making what my cookbook calls a “Newfangled Mince Meat Pie,” and drinking mulled mead.

School is going pretty well again. I got my grade for a second project back in one class, and I totally rocked it! And I got a really good grade on a midterm in another class. Now, I just have a final project that I am working on, a final paper, and two finals to look forward to. Yippeee. Oh, and I completly rock at cataloging. Did I mention that?

I really like my new job. All except the times that I have to read about accidents on farms, especially involving children. I mean, who lets kids drive tractors??? Or empty out manure bins or whatever they are called? Sheesh. It’s seriously depressing. Otherwise, I feel really good about the organization. I like all the people. Some of us even went out about a week ago, and ended up dancing at the Picador until it closed. I haven’t closed down a bar in a while!

My goal for this break, and Christmas break, is to hang out with my friends who I have barely seen since school started. So, if any of you are reading this, call me!

*Originally posted Monday, November 19, 2007


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