say it with me, now! Shnickadooodle*

Why do I like fake German accents so much? Perhaps because they remind me of that time, when Emilie and I went to Chicago and stayed with Ann, and we went to a Blonde Redhead show, and I fell asleep during the encore, and then we went to a bar, but on the way to the bar, we saw this sign, and the sign said, “sometimes, at parties, I fake a foreign accent”, and we laughed, and said it in a German accent, and then got drunk, and kept talking in German accents, and then, Emilie called Chuck, and sung him Bohemian Rhapsody. At 2am. Yeah, that was fun. Even though I was completely pooped and fell asleep like a moron really early. But then, we got breakfast at this awesome place, and went cd shopping. And Emilie and I did party whoos in Chuck’s car. And Chuck’s car liked it. And went fast.

Anyway, fond memories aside, I bring up the accents because I am about to bake some muthafuckin cookies. Snickerdoodles. And whenever I make snickerdoodle cookies, I have to say it in a really thick, really fake German accent. And it makes me giggle. So I do it repeatedly, until the cookies are gone. I’m just wierd like that. But at least I have fun!

*Originally posted Thursday, November 30, 2006


About Courtney Walters

Mama. Information librarian. Food lover. Knitter. Gardener (ish).
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