Yippee skippee*

So, this weekend, Chuck and I are taking my wee baby bar-other to Chicago. He’s 14 and has never been. Poor thing. This last September he was supposed to go with his Spanish class for a day, but he happened to need an emergency appendectomy that day. So, no go for him. Chuck and I told him not to worry, because we would take him instead.

I arbitrarily picked this weekend to go in, say, December. Little did I know that it would be A) Superbowl weekend, B) the Bears are playing, C) in the middle of an ice age. Leave it to me, by the way, not to know when the damn Superbowl is. Like I care.

Anyway. Since we already (sort of) made plans, damned if I’m changing them. So, to icy Chi-town we go. We’ll be inside mostly, anyways. It should be fun. I plan on consuming large quantities of pizza and other goodies. MMMMMMM….

On a completely different subject, I just thought some people would like to know that I have taken to going at the speed bag at the gym. So those of you who I always threaten to punch in the face better watch out- I just may do it now! Some guy started talking to me the other day. He said “Do you actually have your hands taped up and are you punching that bag?” I said “Uh, yeah.” He said “isn’t that a little bit violent?” I said “Only if it’s somebody’s face.” I only speak the truth.

*Originally posted Thursday, Feburary 1. 2007


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Mama. Information librarian. Food lover. Knitter. Gardener (ish).
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