Tonight, when I came home from work

Today we had a power failure at work, and I got to come home at 9:45.  It’s amazing how long the day seems when you get it off unexpectedly.  I went to the Yarn Shoppe and chatted with Judy for a while, came home and read a chapter of Body at the Tower while munching on a PB&J on homemade bread, took Rocky to the dogger park, chose a recipe for dinner, and went grocery shopping all before 1pm.

Right now, I’m making homemade yogurt.  I’ve wanted to do this for years, but have never felt completely sure of my ability to do it.  I was looking into buying a yogurt maker, but they’re pretty pricey, and I don’t like having anything in my kitchen that can only be used for one thing (outside of a bread maker, though I suppose you can make more than one kind of bread, so…), both because it seems like a waste and because I don’t have a lot of storage.  I found this recipe to make yogurt in your crock pot and the lightbulb went off.  Duh!  I am going to place the heated, then cooled, mixture into the oven with the light on to try to keep it at a consistent, warm temp, since I keep the house rather cool, particularly at night.  But hopefully, tomorrow morning, I will have yogurt.

I’ve done a pretty good job keeping up with my challenges so far this week.  Here’s the run-down:

Read 150 books: 5 books finished, halfway through 2 more.  Technically, one book I’m listening to now is the first three books of a series, but the official counter on Goodreads will only count it as one. Oh well.  I am currently, actively reading:

  1. The Guardians of Ga’Hoole, books 1, 2, and 3, by Kathryn Lasky
  2. The Body at the Tower (The Agency #2), by Y.S. Lee
  3. Little Women

The books I have read so far are:

  1. The Tale of Halcyon Crane, by Wendy Webb
  2. My Year of Meats, by Ruth Ozeki
  3. If I am Missing or Dead, by Janine Latus
  4. Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins
  5. A Different Day, A Different Destiny (Snipesville Chronicles #2), by Annette Laing

Stop drinking soda: number drunk since made decision – 0!

Knit one item a month: Big fat 0 so far… haven’t really knit a stitch since break. Boo.

Cook, bake more: Doing pretty well here.  Obviously, I’m making yogurt.  I baked some bread yesterday.  I made pasta and steamed veggies last night, which was a bit of a cop-out. But I did make Split Pea & Rice Soup from Sundays at the Moosewood on Monday, and Lentil and Spinach Soup from The Greens tonight.  They were both good, but I really loved the lentil/spinach.

Get out of bed with alarm: I have hit snooze only two times each morning but Sunday, when I don’t have to set an alarm.  This is a VAST improvement. It means I’m up about 5:30, with just enough time to slurp down a cup of coffee (which my dear husband is kind enough to make for me before he leaves for work) and be out the door with The Rock at about 5:45.  An hour walk means I have enough time to have one more cup of coffee before getting ready for work.  I quite enjoy it.  Which brings me to…

Walk the dog for at least an hour a day: Sunday’s walk was a bit longer (70 minutes), Monday was 55 minutes, and both Tuesday and Wednesday were 60 minutes. As you can tell, I have a specific route I walk that takes just about an hour at a normal pace.  Today, with all my free time, I was also able to take Rocky to the dog park.  There were no other dogs there on a blustery mid-Wednesday, but he ran around for about 20 minutes, and barked quite a bit at a kite someone was flying nearby.

Blog: Duh!

Not a bad start.

Tonight, by Sibylle Baier

tonight when I came home from work, hurt
tonight when I came home from work

there he unforeseen sat in my kitchen
buttering himself a bread
and the cat was on his knee
and smiled at me

tonight when I came home from work
tonight when I came home from work

there he unforeseen passed the guitar
and said ‘I battered my car
right now won’t you please give me your tune’

we had a change of the moon
we had a change of the moon

tonight when I came home from work
tonight when I came home from work

tonight when I came home from work
there he unforeseen changed in the lazy chair
and said ‘what’s that sorrow you bear?’
and I could tell him, he understood

he gently took my arm
he listened to my tears till dawn
I dedicate this song to you

tonight we had change of the moon
we had change of the moon

tonight when I came home from work
tonight when I came home from work
tonight tonight tonight


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One Response to Tonight, when I came home from work

  1. Hi, Courtney: Thanks for kind review of A Different Day, A Different Destiny! I’m now about 3/4 of the way through the first draft of Look Ahead, Look Back (The Snipesville Chronicles, Book 3), and I’m happy to say it’s emerging as quite different from Book 1 and Book 2. It should appear in September. 🙂

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