Heavy lifting

The past week has not been good for my challenges. We’ve been doing some construction on the house, and thus, I have not made a real dinner (outside of a quick pasta) for a week. Neither have I baked any bread. More on the house a little later.

I haven’t been hammering through the reading as much, either, since we’ve devoted every night after work and all weekend to working on the house. This week I

I also haven’t had much time to knit. However, I did start January’s project: a cute little slouchy hat, which I’m making out of Cascade Chunky Alpaca. I’m nearly done- started the decreases, at least.

I’m still holding strong on getting up in the morning, limiting my snooze button to two hits in the morning. Which means I’ve had plenty of time to walk Rocky! We’ve done our full route every weekday. I must say I skipped Saturday, since he was going on a doggy play date in the afternoon. Sunday, he got two walks- one in the morning, and one at night!

And! I still haven’t had any soda! I may be due for a real Coca-Cola Classic sometime soon. However, my beer consumption has been above normal this week, again, due to construction. I suppose it’s not the greatest idea, but I like myself a Pibber when putting up insulation.

So. About our house. First, let me tell you that our house is a very, very, very fine house. With two cats in the… basement.

When we bought our house, the previous owners told us that they had had a leak in the roof, but had gotten it fixed. We had no reason to doubt them. You could see the patch. Plus, who would assume that a Baptist minister and his wife would lie straight to your face? [Answer: you should. Shysters.]

Less than two weeks after we moved in, it became obvious that the leak was, in fact, not fixed. After a few attempts to locate the source of the problem, Chuck decided to re-roof the front of the house (we want to put a dormer addition on the back, so we did not do that half). Which resulted in this:

It seems that the “fix” had been to simply nail down the thinnest sheet of plywood that it is possible to buy, and throw some shingles on top to make it look like something had actually been done to fix the leak.

After tearing off three layers of shingles, disrupting the world’s largest nest of carpenter ants, replacing sheathing, and building new overhangs, Chuck, his dad and my step-dad put on some beautiful new shingles. “This roof will never leak again,” said my father-in-law.

Last March, it did. My father-in-law still blames phantom raccoons. But *somehow* the roof was leaking IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT. After some minor adjustments to the flashing, the problem was solved, apparently for good.

The only hitch was that, to determine the point of the new leak, Chuck and father-in-law knocked a huge hole in the living room ceiling. Luckily, we had not yet fixed it from the initial water damage the year before. But there was still this huge, ugly, sad hole.
Fast forward about 9 months. Time to fix the hole! While we’re at it, why not just replace the whole ceiling. Hell. Let’s replace the windows too. Well, if we’re going to replace the windows, we might as well just insulate and dry wall that whole wall. Why not this one too? Oh, and since we have the access, let’s replace all that old wiring in this room. The result?

Just for reference, this is what it looked like before (from the listing when we bought it):

The wiring was done over the weekend, the windows went on Monday, and all the insulation was put up on Tuesday. Today, the new drywall went up on the ceiling. Next, we drywall the walls and spackle. Then paint and light fixtures (which we still need to find). Then, we can move the furniture back in. Then, I can have my house back.

Of course, we’ve seen this kind of destruction before. Here’s what happened when we wanted to put in an exhaust fan:

From this:

To this:

And, six months later, to this:


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