Spring ambitions

Last week I went to that gardening class with my mom. This is funny, since my mom is quite an accomplished gardener. I think that she went so that I wouldn’t feel awkward. Thanks, Mom!

Anyway, it was a good class put on by Iowa State Extension office. I got all inspired for my vegetable garden this year. My flower gardens will get some work, too, but they are mostly established with perennials, so I’m going to be concentrating on the veggies. Besides going out and buying some tomato seeds, and pondering what other things I’d like to eat fresh this year (IF I can get anything to actually grow), I also purchased a seed sprouter, and planted an in-kitchen herb garden. I also want to start growing lettuce and mesclun in the kitchen, but I’m still debating where exactly this will happen, since I have very limited counter space. I’m considering brushing off my macrame skilz and making some plant hangers, but I’m not sure if a) I would actually accomplish this, and b) if it would work.

Maybe I’ve been doing too much lately, but I’ve been super tired. I know that this last weekend was jam-packed, what with the class on Wednesday, a book group meeting on Thursday, the UnpackLIS conference on Friday, work and a trivia night on Saturday, and ASL practice and helping my little bro with a paper (until 1am!) on Sunday. I’m hoping that the increase in light will lead to a decrease in sleep needed, but I’m not holding my breath.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately, challenge-wise:

Cooking: I made pancakes to freeze on Sunday so that I can just grab the suckers in the morning. Planning on doing it again tonight. Sometime soon, I’m thinking of trying it with waffles. Other than that, not much. Nothing on the dinner front outside of pasta and rice. Sometimes that’s even a chore. Today I ate cottage cheese for dinner.

Blog: Not meeting my goal, but still updating relatively regularly. At least it’s an improvement over last year.

Soda: I had one on Friday (it was free, along with lunch, for being a presenter at the conference!), so I’m up to three for the year. Not too shabby!

Get up with the alarm: Miserable failure in the last week. Particularly in the last few days, since I often can’t identify what the annoying noise is for several minutes every morning. I’m hoping if I get a good night’s sleep or two, this will amend itself.

Walk the dog: Going strong until yesterday, when I needed to sleep as late as possible to make up for such a late night and busy weekend. This morning, I accidentally turned my alarm off, so I overslept. Rocko got a 25 minute walk, but that’s it.

Knit a gift a month: I finished a pair of slippers I started last November, which are now added to the gift stash. I also knit a cowl out of some very pretty sock yarn I had in my stash; I think I will need to add a crochet edging, though, since the stockinette curls so much it looks like a rope. *sadface* I may get around to posting some pictures. I am also working on finishing a scarf I’ve had in the works for a year and a half.

Read 150 books:

I’ve finished:

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
Salt: A World History, by Mark Kurlansky
Lost Boys, by Orson Scott Card

I have started A Person of Interest, by Susan Choi

Still working on:

Academically Adrift, by Richard Arum, et. al. (slightly abandoned)
Blindsided, by Priscilla Cummings (also slightly abandoned)
The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires, by Tim Wu

All this puts me just about on target, at 41 books, or 27% of my goal. I’ve seriously slowed this last week, but I think I can make up for it.


About Courtney Walters

Mama. Information librarian. Food lover. Knitter. Gardener (ish).
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