Can’t stop, Won’t stop

I’ve been on a make-all-the-things jag lately, so I thought I’d post about all my current works-in-progress, and my near-future plans (always and forever subject to change).

First, this will be Charlie’s first year trick-or-treating. Like any good 3-year-old, he’s obsessed with all three Toy Story movies. I asked him if he’d like to be Buzz Lightyear (his favorite), and he said yes. So, of course, the rest of us will also be in costume.

Charlie has a Buzz sweatshirt, so he’ll wear that. I’ll try to get him some white sweatpants, but I’m not positive that will happen. I’ve made him a pair of wings using foam board and duct tape, which he’ll wear like a backpack:


Eleanor will also be wearing a Buzz Lightyear sweatshirt, because we’ve dubbed her Betty Lightyear. Betty is Buzz’s baby sister, and is also a Space Ranger. If I have time, I’ll make them both purple hats to wear under the hoods of the sweatshirts. I may try to find Charlie some white gloves as well, and paint the tips of the fingers purple. But, that will be the absolute last thing I do.

I’ve been working on a Jessie costume for me. I made a red yarn wig, and painted a shirt to look like Jessie’s. I’m also making some chaps, and bought some cowboy boots. I still have to do the final details like add the swirls to the shirt and paint the hat red, but so far it looks pretty great.


I’m also painting red checks on a yellow shirt for Chuck for his Woody ensemble, and will hopefully get a vest finished for him, as well as a hat painted the appropriate color. Family costumes for the win!

I’ve also been hard at work on Christmas gifts for various people. So far, I’ve got three sweaters done, and four more to go (at a minimum). It took me forever to get through this sweater, partly because I started it in the spring and I don’t tend to knit much over the summer, and partly because… mobile babies. But I’m happy with how it turned out, and I hope hope hope it fits its intended recipient.

This sweater took significantly less time, since it’s a larger gauge, and I started it in August, when I’m just really gearing up with my knitting. Again, happy and hope it fits.

I’ve been eyeing this pattern up for quite a while, and finally decided to make one. Or, more accurately, four. The first one is done, and I’m just waiting on the yarn for two more. The fourth is for Eleanor, so if I don’t get it done it’s no biggie, but these babies are so fast, I think I should be able to.

I’m hoping to sew a dino tail or two as well, and knit this awesome Mario themed hat.

As if that wasn’t enough, I have a hat knit in sock yarn that I need to finish for Chuck before it gets really cold. I started it last winter, but it’s a double-thick hat with a four-inch cuff, so it’s taking a while. It was fun to try to figure out how to replicate his favorite hat, but it lost its new project excitement quite a while ago. Yet I persevere.

And because I still didn’t think I had enough things to do, I decided to knit Charlie one of these. He still wears the sweater I designed and knit him last year, but he loves zippered hoodies, so I thought this one may get even more love. I’m about a fourth of the way done so far. This one is the perfect project to work on while reading, since it’s pretty mindless work.

Of course, I’m dreaming of actually knitting something for myself! I have a bunch of grey superwash aran that I’m thinking of knitting up into this sweater. But I’m also really wanting a neutral color vest to wear, and I have several options in my queue. Or maybe I’ll use up some mohair from my stash and knit one of these babies. Or maybe some odd leftover balls for my first Stephen West sweater? Choices. They’re hard.

Finally, I have Charlie’s blanket languishing in it’s knitting basket, as well as two shawls that haven’t seen any action in over a year. Oofda.

I’ll try to remember to post about progress, or at least summarize what I was actually able to accomplish. You can always tell when I feel really good (shout out to Whole30 here), because I want to DO AND MAKE ALL THE THINGS. In case you can’t tell, I feel really, really good right now.


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